The benefits of root canal treatment

ESE har publicerat följande information för bemöta de felaktiga uppgifter och rykten som spridits på sociala medier och i pressen, kopplade till en aktuell Netflix-film. Vi ber er läsa igenom denna information för att lättare kunna bemöta frågor och påståenden från allmänheten. 

The ESE Executive Board have just released the message below in an email to all those on the Society’s database. By issuing this statement the Executive Board have responded to the misinformation and rumours spreading on social media and in the press, which are linked to the Netflix movie. Please use your own communication network to disseminate the message to those associated with your Society. If you cannot see the message below - visit:


As you may know the American Association of Endodontists have a range of resources on their website that confirms the benefits of root canal treatment and its safety. The AAE have indicated to the ESE that they are more than happy for other societies to make use of these resources if they so desire. To learn more and see the resources visit:


I will be writing again soon to set out more details of how the ESE will respond further to the misinformation and rumours currently surrounding root canal treatment


Best wishes




Professor Paul Dummer

CEO: European Society of Endodontology

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